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My Laser Hair Removal Experience

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Details….


So, the above photo stock picture will be the only picture that I have with this blog. With up stretched arms, I think you get the idea!  Since I think many women are curious I decided to share and compare my Laser and wax experiences.

For Christmas this past year I bought my daughter a Groupon Coupon for Laser hair removal treatment at a local Med Spa. The Groupon cost was $88.00 for a $600.00 service, on one area. Since it was such an awesome deal I decided to buy one for myself as well. It sounded too good to be true. All of my underarm hair, gone for a mere $88.00.  With the cost of razor blades so high I could not possibly pass this up. Besides, we all know that picky underarms have got to be the single most uncomfortable experience.

For some unknown reason, my daughter decided she did not want to use her Groupon….What?? Well, lucky for me because that meant I was able to have laser hair removal on two areas. Quite generally the area choices are ∼  lip, chin, underarm, bikini line and Brazilian. I don’t have any dark facial hair so that left me with my underarms choice #1.  The thought of a Brazilian takes the second seat to the fact that I am terrified of pain, especially there, so I decided on the bikini line. This way, I could remain partially clothed ∼ WHEW ∼

The first detail that came to my surprise was that I was able go in freshly shaven. This was a huge plus considering my intolerance for picky under arms.  It also appealed to me as I didn’t want to go in looking like an overgrown gorilla.

So next detail; Did it hurt?  Well, it was tolerable. I was told that it would feel like tiny bee stings, and it did but it still wasn’t as painful as I had anticipated. There was no pain or discomfort afterwards. What I did not realize is that it would be more than one appointment. Be prepared to have 6 sessions per given area. The sessions are six weeks apart. They are fairly quick 10-15 minutes, and the procedure could even be done on your lunch break if need be. When all 6 sessions are complete, you can expect to remain mostly hair free, although a touch up session may be needed once a year.

As far as a review goes, I can’t quite give that yet. I am excited and plan to update when my series is complete.

Another alternative to laser would be waxing. I have successfully used  Gigi  microwave wax for my eyebrows. No Muslin strips are needed and I love it! I have also used the Gigi Hair Removal Strips For The Body. Again, I order the self waxing so I don’t have to deal with the muslin. I have coarse hair and it eliminates the need to shave my legs for at least 3 weeks!  I order both of these products from Amazon prime, please note disclaimer below.

You can click link to order.

Gigi wax hair removal for legs

Pros of Laser

• Semi-permanent removal of unwanted hair.

• No uncomfortable stubble

• No need to purchase razors, initially it is a more expensive option but if you can get a     Groupon, I think it would save money in the long run.

Cons of Laser

• Initial cost

Pros of Waxing

• Removal of hair for up to 3 weeks

• Can be done at home

Cons of Waxing

• I can’t lie, for me it was more painful ( underarms ) than laser.

• You must let your hair grow out to at least 1/4″

• Cost – while it is not as expensive as laser initially, I think over time it could add up to more.

So, there you have it. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

If you have any experiences on hair removal that you would like to share, I would love to hear about it in the comments below!


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