Rustic DIY Coat Rack Under $50.00

 Total DIY time 1 hour 15 minutes / Total prep time 24 hours

So, what do you do when you need a 5′ long coat rack for your mudroom?

If you are like me and are in love with Etsy, it is the first place you check. Getting ideas from Pinterest is a definite close second.

I can’t tell you how many beautiful coat racks I saw on Etsy. Considering that I needed a coat rack that is 5′ long and I only had a budget of $50.00, Etsy was out of the question….plus I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to love my coat rack.  I am by no means discounting the value of fellow artisans; they work hard  and I definitely admire their creativity. For this project however, I needed something fast and cheap.

Keeping my budget and rustic design in mind, I set out to my garage. Fortunately, my husband is a saver ie. pack rat. In my garage I found two old ( the older the better in this case ) 1″ x 3″s  that were perfect to cut down to the size I needed. I had some glass antique door knobs in my rehab stash, but I needed something else.  It was time for a trip to my local antique store. I knew instantly when I saw the adorable bunnies that they would be perfect. The shabby chic hooks I found on amazon. Did I mention that I love my amazon prime account? They deliver to my door, in most cases for free.

I have included a link to the shabby chic hooks after my TIPS section.

SUPPLIES.                                                                                      TOOLS NEEDED.     

2 1″X 3″ PIECES OF WOOD     ( HAD )                         ELECTRIC SCREW DRIVER

STAIN                                         ( HAD )                          TABLE SAW OR HACK SAW & MUSCLE

TWO BUNNIES        13.95 each  27.90                          DRILL BIT


3 SHABBY CHIC HOOKS.            15.49                         

JB WELD EPOXY ( CLEAR )          4.40

CONCRETE SCREWS                ( HAD )

3 DOUBLE SIDED SCREWS  .17each.   .51c


1.) Cut 1″ x 3″s in the desired length.

2.) Stain or paint wood in desired color. I used an ebony stain and smeared a bit of brick red paint that I had. I wanted to tie it in with my brick wall. 

3.) Attach your coat hooks of choice. To do this I first used a drill bit so as not to split the wood. You’ll need to measure and come up with spacing that appeals to you. I attached the shabby chic hooks first as I needed to make the two 1 x 3’s into one piece. By attaching the shabby chic hooks to both the top and bottom piece of wood. I then added the bunny hooks. 

4.) Adding the antique knobs…. I gave this step its’ own number because preparing the knobs took awhile. First, turn the knob over. if it still has a 2″ long metal bar you will need to unscrew it and use pliers to pull that bar out. Once this is done, you will need to fill the hole the bar left with your epoxy. Put a q-tip where the screw was so the epoxy doesn’t drip out. Put the double sided screw in and balance it stays level and can dry. I believe drying time is 45 minutes but I left mine overnight.


*** I DO NOT suggest using the JB WELD cement epoxy. Some DIY’s will recommend this. It will not adhere to metal, glass and wood. When you try to screw it into the wood, the cement will crack. Use the JB WELD CLEAR EPOXY ( 50112 ). It will have a dual injector that you need to activate but the directions are right on the pack. 

As soon as you feel the epoxy has dried sufficiently, go ahead and screw in your last coat “hooks”

Wah Lah- Project done.    TOTAL FINAL COST  $48.30.  

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Mud Room Coat Rack

A FEW TIPS: Antique stores are a great resource for glass knobs  ( usually under $5.00 ) and hooks. Use your imagination when it comes to hooks. You can use almost anything that you can screw into your base. Many coat racks use cute drawer pulls. This is fine for purses or scarves but I live in Michigan ( have you seen the size our coats ). 

Shabby Chic Cast Iron Decorative Wall Hooks – Rustic – Antique – French Country Charm – Large Decorative Hanging Hooks – Set of 3 – Screws and Anchors for Mounting Included

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