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35 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

So, this isn’t a typical health and fitness post but I think we can all agree that happiness has a direct link to our overall health. In today’s hectic society, depression is all too frequently a battle. I have found that if I start every day with meditation ( for me that is prayer ) it gets my day started on the right track. On days that I struggle I have found these 35 practices to help immensely. Some suggestions are not always feasible or simply may not work for you. Please feel free to add to this and or make your own list of what works for you!

Enjoy and may your day be blessed!

  1.   State out loud ten things that you are grateful for
  2.   Dance
  3.   Eat raw veggies
  4.   Take an epsom salt bath ( add a little lavender known to elevate mood )
  5.   Meditate
  6.   Find some grass, walk through it barefoot ( grounding )
  7.   Say NO to something or someone who drains you
  8.   Technology detox
  9.   Breath deeply for 5 minutes
  10.   Create, use the right side of your brain ( this can be a meal, craft, art, writing )
  11.   Read a high vibration book ( Bible, The Secret etc. )
  12.   Say something nice to a stranger *** warning this can become addictive
  13.   Go to the ocean or a body of water
  14.   Hug and get hugged *** warning I don’t suggest this with a stranger 
  15.   Look outside for something beautiful
  16.   De-clutter your space
  17.   Spend time with a high vibe person
  18.   Get your blood pumping ( even if its running in place )
  19.   Drink oxygenated water ( I have a recipe below )
  20.   Find the sun
  21.   Become conscious of your thoughts
  22.   Visualize something or someone who brings you happiness
  23.   Laugh / Smile ( Fake it till you make it! )
  24.   Take a shower cleanse
  25.   Tell yourself something positive while looking in the mirror ( 100 x’s )
  26.   Send loving thoughts to 3 people who annoy you
  27.   Play with a child or pet
  28.   Listen to music you love, sing along really loud
  29.   Stretch
  30.   Diffuse some essential oils
  31.   Take a sauna
  32.   Get a massage
  33.   Take a hike and get some fresh air.
  34.   Write on paper 25 things you are thankful for
  35.   Buy yourself ( or pick ) some flowers for yourself

10 Ways To Lower Your Vibration

1.)    Use of technology

2.)    Negative people

3.)   Watching violence

4.)   Processed foods

5.)   Alcohol

6.)   Smoking

7.)   Chemicals / Pesticides

8.)   Microwave radiation

9.)   Worry

10.)  Lack of oxygen

Recipe for oxygenated water:  On an empty stomach add 4 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to 8 ounces of water. 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide  ( Diluted from 35% ) See Disclaimer.

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